Lok prides herself on delivering nothing short of excellence. Her upscales are meticulously refit with expert craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail. Each upscale is a testament to her commitment to quality, ensuring that every client not only looks stunning but feels confident in the unmatched craftsmanship and attention to detail that sets her apart. Elevate your game experience with Uptown Upscales, where luxury meets transformation.

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Commission Requests

Elevate your game with bespoke craftsmanship. Lok's quality commissions blend artistry with functionality, creating stunning upscales tailored just for you. Redefine yourself with timeless style and personalized charm.Lok will upscale to the following body/chest mods (permissions permitting):
- Bimbo+ (optional Uranus chest)
- Bibo+ (optional Venus, Uranus, Diana, Nymph, Bacchante chests)
- T&F
- Lithe
- Apres Moi
Join the Discord server or feel free to extend a friend request to lokmonah on Discord to request and discuss a commission.

Discord Server Info

Join the Uptown Upscales Discord server and immerse yourself in a vibrant community of upscale enthusiasts! Connect with like-minded individuals, share your passion, request commissions, and enjoy a drama-free zone filled with positivity and camaraderie. Come be a part of something special!

Customer Reviews

Authentic feedback straight from Lok's valued clients, sharing their experiences and satisfaction with her upscales and services.

"What can I state about Uptown Upscales and Lok? I have had the pleasure of working with her for about six months now, with three different commissions over the course of that time. I hold each perfected masterpiece Uptown Upscales has upscaled for me in that time in the highest regard. Due to the perfectionist nature of this creator each piece comes out as near to pristine as possible, while remaining open to feedback and adjustments through the creation and fitting process. Lok herself is an absolute pleasure to spend time with, and talk with, often bringing a smile to my face often despite my grump demeanor. Of course, she could do much worse than me as her favorite customer. " - Orion

"Lok is a great choice for your bimbo upscaling needs! She works closely with the commissioner from the initial message of interest, every step of the way until the piece is delivered and even after! Her work is quality, but she is also happy to fix any errors one might find in the upscale within a very timely manner. She communicates well and typically has a super quick delivery time! Thank you Lok for the countless upscale commissions, I am always happy to receive your work!" - Raina

"She [Lok] is very easy to work with and a treat to talk to. Very attentive to feedback and makes sure your request is how you want it. Goes out of her way to make small touches and corrections (even if they're hardly noticeable!) Definitely has a perfectionist mindset, which helps with the quality of the end result. Doesn't mind fitting the chosen upscale to your character's C+ if you so choose. Would recommend, I myself being a regular of her service." - Jin

"So I have a double review for Miss Lok Monah. As I have used some of her upscales for an alt so it doesn't look generic as a free to play (it is used as a greeter). They fit well and don't have issues. The second review is in regards to commissions. My bonded uses the bimbo body and was looking for some specific outfits, so I commissioned Lok to do the upscales and she took care of them in a timely manner for reasonable cost. Lok is indeed a good girl and upscaler." - Orsin

Terms of Service

- You may not reproduce, redistribute, modify, or create derivative works of my upscales without my prior written consent.
If you wish to see one of my upscales with a modification or derivative option, please make the request in my Discord server.
This in no way prevents body specific upscales I have not already created.

- All original gear mod creator ToS supercede my own.

- If you have any questions or are unsure, feel free to reach out via Discord!

Contact Lok

The best way to contact Lok Monah is to add her/message her on Discord.
username: lokmonah
You can also join the Uptown Upscales Discord Server!~Lok is kind and friendly, so don't be shy!